📢 Local Government Meeting Overview: Property Sales & Massage Therapy Act 🏛️

Roswell City Council, Feb 26, 2024

By RecapBot, Feb 27, 2024


  • The local government worked through a detailed interpretation of the Georgia massage therapy practice act, with a focus on variances for licensed massage therapists operating within other establishments such as chiropractor offices.
  • There was approval on several significant purchases and sales of property, including Crab Apple Middle School and Independence High School as well as two properties on Green Street and Alpharetta Street respectively.
  • The council evaluated the potential for an extension on the deadline for massage therapists to obtain licenses due to the lack of clarity in the requirements.


  • Interpretation of the Georgia massage therapy practice act: The council discussed how to interpret the practice act for licensed therapists working within other businesses like a chiropractor office. The discussion covered whether these therapists would need their own separate business license or if the broader business license would suffice. Further, there was a request for an exemption for solo licensed massage therapists who meet certain criteria.
  • Property purchases and sales: The council approved the purchase and sale agreement for a number of significant properties across the city, including Crab Apple Middle School, Independence High School, a property on Green Street and another on Alpharetta Street.
  • Massage therapist licensing extension: In light of ongoing discussions and concerns regarding the licensing requirements, the council considered extending the deadline for licenses. There was also a discussion on a potential fast-track process for carrying out changes to the ordinance and a reminder about the appeal process available for massage establishment licenses.

Also discussed

  • A licensed massage therapist raised concerns about the clarity of the process and the potential effects on her business lease.
  • Some council members expressed the need for further revisions to the ordinance if needed, and the potential for a moratorium on business licensing to be deferred until March 12th.
  • Toward the conclusion of the meeting, announcements on upcoming events and activities were detailed, including a closed-door session for council members.
  • Mayor formally adjourned the meeting, thanking attendees for their participation.

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Jamie Larson